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More than ever before, structured cabling systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, meeting greater demands and workloads. With emerging connectivity developments in both hardware and software, structured cabling system tolerances are becoming ever more stringent. A networks physical infrastructure must incorporate security and integrity into its inherent design, as well as the ability to adapt to changes in technology.

ITSOLUTION1 has specialist experience in designing, building and installing structured cabling systems that meet every industry requirement.

ITSOLUTION1 works in harmony with a selection of “best of breed” structured cabling system manufacturers. The close working relationships that we have with our partners adds considerable value to the comprehensive service provided, resulting in customers receiving the widest range of cost effective solutions, designed to match their exacting needs. Curran IT customers are ultimate beneficiaries of its careful selection of industry partnerships.

From Cat5 to Cat6 and beyond, we have the engineers and the skills to install or upgrade your network. Project with everything you would expect for the installation of one of the most critical yet under-appreciated of a company’s assets.

If you require understanding and skilled computer professionals with years of experience in providing expert business solutions you should not hesitate to get in contact.